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Our History

KGS Home Inc. has several layers of creativity.

  • A resource for bath accessories, towels, shower curtains, and bath furniture under the brands Raymond Waites Home™ and Market Street Bath.
  • A detailed and organized supplier of private label production per the need of our customers.
  • The Folding Table Cloth™ is now an acclaimed E-commerce success story.


KGS Home Inc. offers its customers international sourcing for all bath products with a portfolio of wide and varied resources. Our resource structure incorporates some of the largest textile suppliers in China, India, Turkey and Pakistan.

KGS Home Inc. believes in diversity in the marketplace.  Our WOSB certified enterprise is proud of its status, and believes its leadership represents the future for its customer-driven fashion sense.

Why KGS Home

KGS Home Inc. is a boutique operation with long standing sourcing, product development and logistical sophistication extending around the world.  A showroom in New York City allows new products to be viewed by our customers and a warehouse in close proximity to the Port of Los Angeles, CA provides for quick turnaround once product arrives in the US.  Our vision comes from a rich background during the past 30 years that encompasses both retail and suppliers side of the business.